The above is an example of mold proliferation resulting from low slope roofing shingle installation below.  Manufacturers now advocate using shingles down to a 2 inch rise per foot but often back out of warranty issues by blaming the installer for bad workmanship.

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I am a lifelong advocate for proper building practices with an emphasis on moisture mitigation. In discussion I must be limited to a narrowed topic structure as in the cyberspace mass of information, but you may certainly read my website of over 3000 pages on related topics. Roofing Consultant, Philadelphia.


I want to increase discussion because many are left holding the bag with nowhere to turn as they realize that their dream home is ravaged by mold, rot and moisture because bad industry practices. To add insult to injury, recommended and subsequently rendered procedures to remedy have fallen short of resolution only to necessitate revisit of reoccurring issues. The main problem with the building industry is that “experts” in this industry are often narrow minded and skilled in limited areas. Experience is the best teacher and I can help shed light on all moisture mitigation issues.

The example to the left is just on ein a myriad of issues that have to be discussed.

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